The Operational Director and acting CEO (technically his son, Raymond "Bubba" Shackleford III is still CEO) of Monster Hunter International. Born Raymond Shackleford II, He was bitten by a werewolf sometime in the early 20th century. He turned, but was able to learn to control the wolf, eventually earning his PUFF exemption fighting in World War 2. As the oldest and most powerful werewolf alive, he is the "King of the Werewolves."

Earl's primary weapon is the Thompson M1A1 submachine gun, a weapon he has a crate full of, courtesy of WW2 era "government waste." His sidearm is the Smith and Wesson 625 which he usually loads with MHI's proprietary .45ACP rounds, using moon clips.

Harbinger almost always wears a leather bomber's jacket made of nearly-impenetrable minotaur hide. The hide was collected from a Bullman named Travis, who served with Earl in Vietnam as part of Special Task Force Unicorn. Travis swore to always "have Earl's back." Having his hide turned into Earl's jacket allows him to maintain that promise in a literal sense without a silly thing like "being dead" getting in the way.

Earl Harbinger adopted his name during the Vietnam war after a meeting with a native Shaman who labeled him a "harbinger" of the end of times.

Earl Harbinger is one of a handful of individuals called Chosen Ones.